Thursday, 20 July 2017

Matt Black City Report 5. Orders!

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.
Date 26060117

Day 5: Orders!!

Finally high command has gotten back to us. Our orders have changed. We are to stay here in the city, dig in, gather intel and report.  Renforcements are on their way and should arrive in the next few days.

We are not to engage the Trogz or the other factions here unless in defence. Where possible we have to find possible allies. The tomb is to remain unmolested and intact.

I suspect that like us UHC are wondering just what is going on here and what the Matt Black Trog's plans are.

The good news is that the riots have stopped in Utopia City. The PSI divison came up with some gadgets that jammed the PSI signal. These have been placed across the city. Although they have a side effect of giving people headaches if the get too close to the PSI jammers. At least the city is safe.

The others are not happy that we have to remain here. But that is our orders. I have advised Utopia about our current supply status. I hope we get a resupply soon.

Looks like we are here to stay for a long time.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Matt Black City Report 4. More data.

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.
Date 25060117
Day 4:

Last night was uneventful. Alas high command have not yet replied to my report/request. I hope their decision will not take too long. Our supplies are not in a good way and we have begun rationing.

Magistrate Black found a old Trog carcass near by in an advanced state of decay. It was probally killed by one of the mutant beasts that prowl the ruins. Black took a flamer to it to stop it spawning more. Mag Warren fears it may be too late. If remain here we will have to keep be alert for young savage Trogz or "Yoofs" as they call them.

Our drones have been feeding back data. The images from the ruins are a depressing sight. There are whole areas choked in rubble, dust and decay. Other areas have crumbling ruins and wrecked blocks. Civilian vehicles lie decaying in the streets many of which are blocked by rubble or vehicle jams. In other areas old military vehicles can be seen, evidence of the war on the streets of the capital. More disturbing are the groups of war bots standing immobile in some places. Are they depowered, dead or are they in power save waiting to kill again?
Warbots by Ramshackle games.

The Trog City has high walls of rubble and scrap. There are also clanking walking machines made from junk patrolling the outer walls. The Big Boss takes security seriously.

There are many war machines in the city. Most seem to be of the buggy or truck variety but our drones did spot some that could be classified as tanks.
All the major Trog clans seem to be present. Red Sun's, Evil Moons, Blue Skulls.

We have some data showing battle axes, Goffz and Snake Bites are also here but the drone was destroyed before the data could be confirmed. Most clans seem to wear war paint and tattoos in black symbolizing loyalty to the Big Boss.
In addition there seems to be a unrecognised Clan. Possibly a new one dedicated to the Big Boss? They copy his black clothing and rusty armour. Apparently they call themselves The Matt Black Trogz. Perhaps this world has twisted the Trogz too?

Also present are Trog Freebooters (anarchist pirates) and many small gangs. Only a handful of these seem to have any Clan affiliation. I wonder if in Trog culture when a gang gets famous or powerful enough they form into a Clan?

Our drones over Trog City have all been  destroyed. The other drones that went out over the ruins showed that there maybe a hundred observed camps or settlements. Many of them appear to be human or mutant. Have they been drawn here too by the signal?

In addtion our drones also spotted a larger Trog settlement in the northern part of the ruins. Further investigation will be required.

There are also some settlements beyond the edge of the ruins a few miles out into the hell zone. We have not got close enough to collect more data yet. Hopefully they won't be infested by Trogz.

Perhaps we could convince some of the other human groups here to join us? Then maybe we could complete our mission.

The hordes of mutant beasts reported to haunt the ruins by our robotic drones 50 years ago are much less in number than we expected. Groups moving through the ruins will still have to take care.

Many old beast carcasses appear across the ruins. A closer look also showed some Trog skulls and bones mixed with them. It would appear the Trogz had some fun clearing the ruins ahead of the new occupants arrival. A job they are suited for and probably loved. It makes me wonder just what the Matt Black Trog is up to? Trog remains spread across the city also means that the Trogz are here to stay.

There appears to be large patches of plant life growing in the ruins. It seems a strange contrast seeing the vibrant colours against the bleakness of the ruins. Whilst this at first sounds promising there is a possibliity that the mutated carnivorous plants found in parts of the world may be growing here. There are also patches of large fungi growing wild. Mag Warren says that some of these are the result of the terraforming. They take contaminants out of the earth. The bad news is some of these fungi patches are possible Trog spawning sites.

Out in the ruins the drones have spotted large structures made from scrap located across the ruins. No doubt this is the work of the Trogz. We have no data to their purpose. One theory is that they are way markers so exploring Trogz can navigate the ruins. Another is that they are territorial markers. Mag Monk has suggested that these may be trog shrines.

All data collected has been forwarded to HOJ. I hope we can either continue on our mission or abort. To be honest I will be glad to leave here.The remains of this great city are depressing to see.

The Trogz of Trog City are my first faction in this series. The rules for the Trogz are : 

1. Trogz cannot and won't hire mercenaries. Only Freebooters and Blood Axes can be hired by other factions as Mercenary muscle. Blood Axes will not carry out missions against the Matt Black Trog or it's interests. 

2. The Trogz raid the ruins and other factions for scrap, vehicles and other resources.

3.The Trogz keep human slaves in addition  to the Grots. 

4. The Trogz will trade with other factions for resources.

5. The Tomb of the Mattblackgod is sacred and the Trogs will not go near it. 

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Some tweaks and waffle.

Hello and welcome back to my blog,

I have been doing a few little tweaks to the blog. Mainly adding a page tab for the Matt Black City campaign and removing the dead page for Roach Jones. Let's face it may take him a while to get out of Utopia's Undercity and walk 11,000 miles of wasteland to get to Matt Black City. You never know, he may turn up in a future post. 

The posts of the Matt Black City setting seems to be getting positive feedback both here and on other forums which is inspiring me further. The Photobucket ransom debacle has pushed this idea further which will see me taking fresh pictures of the seventy or eighty factions of my 28mm collection. 

So far I have another three posts in draft once I take get pictures sorted out. I have ideas and plans for another three or four posts. There is plenty of ideas flying about. That is before faction posts and any games I manage to I get in. 

Then there is the Gorkamorka style Trog/Ork gangs & characters I plan, just for a bit of fun with the setting. The current plan is to use old 40K RT orks as renforcements for the Matt Black Trog's army and a mix of later & Gorkamorka Orks for the gangs. 

The Matt Black City background is an idea I have toyed with for over a year. I have been looking for a way to get all the factions across the world into one place. Gorkamorka and the Gangs of Nu Ork site have inspired some of the background. The legends of the Mattblackgod, the city ruins and the tomb is a way to attract the people of the world. I am afraid that you will to wait to find out more about the Matt Black Trog and his plans.

Rules wise I plan to use Neutronyork3000 for the games. I have made up some house rules to cover vehicles and other fun. Or maybe a mix of Necromunda and Gorkamorka. Or Gangs of Nu Ork.

Thanks for reading. Take care out there.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Matt Black City Report 3. Into the fire.

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.
Date 24060117

Day 3:

We took off at first light and discovered to our pleasure that the weather conditions where calm and clear. The legendary near constant storms that haunt the mountains and the hellish wastes beyond seemed to be at a rare lull. I foolishly took this to be a symbol of hope that our mission would be a success.

As we passed the mountains Magistrate Warren pointed out that the sensors where only picking up pockets of contamination. In fact the hell zone was no worse than the rest of the world. As we puzzled this Warren noted traces of what the ancients called Terraforming elements. These microbes and chemicals where designed to transform hostile worlds into places humanity could live. Warren wishes to land on our return trip to collect samples. If Utopia can replicate these we may turn our world once again into a eden. This raised new questions namely who set off the terrafroming and where did they get the kit?

On approach to the Matt Black City we did a high altitude fly past circling the huge expanse of ruins for Mag Monk to get a bearing on the transmission. Many blocks where gone, just piles of rubble or dust. Others stood broken whilst one or two lay on their sides. It was shocking to see the mega city in this state. Again the contaminent levels seemed normal for the rest of our world with only pockets registered here or there.

We noted many active camps and settlements. The immensity of the ruins keeping many of them miles apart. It seems others have been drawn here too. They better take care and avoid the contaminated zones.

Shockingly towards the centre of the ruins there appeared to be what looks like a ramshackle city. Mag Monk confirmed the transmission was coming from the city. Warren also noted that the location of the tomb of the Matt Black God should lie dead centre of the city. This city is not here by chance nor do I feel the recent terraforming and transmission is a coincidence.

Taking a lower sweep we could see the ramshackle city was teaming with Trogz.

Trogz have been recorded in the wastelands for a long time and are incorrectly thought by many to be mutants. Trogz are a Genetically Engineered Life Form or GELF. These are also known as ORCS (Organically Replicating Combat System) produced long ago before the wars on a far off world to act as troops in wars. There use was banned and the were probably brought here illegally as spores during the wars. According to the data the ORCS are hard to control, extremely violent, bloodthirsty and replicate at a alarming rate. Even when dead up to 12 creatures can spore from one for years to come. Worlds were overwhelmed leading to the GELF wars. Reading about the Trogz makes me miss the Pyscho-d up mental street punks of the Blocks.

The tomb of the god lies dead centre (we could see it from the air) and is unmolested by the creatures. It is kept clear of their buildings and detruius. Mag Monk confirmed that The Tomb is the centre of the transmission. The trog city stretches out for a estimated two miles in all directions from the tomb. How many of these beasts are there?

Near the centre of what we callas "Trog City" lies many large constructions. They look like warmachines made from junk. We noted one Trog bigger than all the rest. Here is a picture of the Boss.

The Matt Black Trog is a 40K Ork Warboss I got cheap on evilbay. The usual head wasn't what I envisioned so I gave him a head swap and raised his cranium with greenstuff putty. I added a Scar and Lump on his head. I am happy with his skin which is supposed to be black. The Grot slave is a classic 40K figure I have owned since the early 90s.

He must be the Big Boss/leader. He is unusual in having black skin and a higher cranium than most of his species. Mag Warren speculates that it may have higher intelligence or possibly PSI abilities.

Trogz are known to have various skin colours depending on where they where spawned. It seems local contaminants can effect them. Most are green or brown skinned. Black is a rarity. Note the smaller creature behind. That is a Grots. A smaller GELF closely associated with Trogz. They are of a similar make up but are smaller and weaker. Both their designers and the Trogz use them as a source of slave labour. Like the Trogz many in the wastelands think the Grots are mutants and call them "The mutie men".

We also spied another Trog on one of the construction sites wearing fierce looking power armour. He seems to be a big mek, a trog version of a engineer. Note the Grot slave. 

Big Mek Tinka. This is a standard 40K figure. The grot is a classic 40K metal figure I have owned since the early 90s. 

At this point we started to take hostile fire and we were forced beat a hasty retreat. Thankfully the shuttle only took superficial damage.

I have ordered us to land on a old city block many miles away from Trog City so we can reassess. We have launched spydat drones to collect closer Intel on the Trogz.

We cannot shoot our way into the tomb. Even with our weapons and skills we wouldn't get past the walls.

The shuttle has enough firepower to damage the tomb but will it be enough? Our missiles and cannon have limited stores.

We could use the shuttle as a distraction and infiltrate. Head for the tomb and disable the transmission. However if we get spotted we stand little chance.

Another option is for Utopia to send a bomber or gunships to our location and hammer the tomb from above. A nuke should do it nicely.

As I fear our mission may now be impossible and suicidal I have contacted Utopia city to advise of our findings and for further orders.

In addition I have ordered the shuttle be ready for immediate action in case we encounter large groups of hostiles and we have to bug out.

For now we rest. Tomorrow we may die.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Matt Black City Report 2

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.
Date 23060117

Day 2:

We have flown for many hours and covered over 11,000 miles with Magistrate Monk acting as a living compass. The weird feeling we all have has been getting stronger making us all on edge. We have burned nearly half our fuel. I have a bad feeling that this will be a one way trip. We will deal with that when the time comes. Our first priority is to the mission and the safety of Utopia city.

Mag Monk thinks the source of the PSI signal is close. We have landed to rest up. The constant concentration drains the PSI Mags leaving them exhausted.

There is another reason to rest besides nightfall and exhaustion. In another 100 miles we will cross the mountains that circle the Matt Black Hellzone. A place so contaminated that very little can survive for long. I hope the shuttle's NBC filters can cope. We will "suit up" just in case.

After the mountains lies 200 to 300 miles of contaminated hell which leads us to the ruins of Matt Black City, our planet's capitol. The city was 200 miles across. That is over twice the size of Utopia today! I have seen pictures of the once beautiful city in its grandeur in historic holo vids. A mega city like no other. The wars and the orbital bombardment turned the city into ruins. Only strange twisted creatures live there now. If any human life survived it would be in vaults and bunkers. But after over 100 years what are the chances they will still be alive?

One thing to note on today's long flight is there appeared to be several large groups moving in the same direction as us. No doubt they feel the draw of the PSI signal too. Mag Monk claims it is calling everyone. Drawing them toward the cursed place beyond the mountains. I wonder if the whole planet is heading here?

I have reported our position and findings back to Utopia's Halls of Justice (HOJ).

I must rest for now for tomorrow's challenges.

Matt Black City report 1

Hello and welcome back to my blog. 

I now begin what is a way to display my 28mm factions and get them into action with each other as hinted at in my last Wasteland Wondering post. I have been thinking about this project for a long time. Expect a few more posts over the coming weeks as I have a managed to write up a bunch of journal entries for the Utopia Mags, especially as I have actually got a few figures finished to kick this project off. As this will be a regular series of posts I will try to get a tab page sorted, when I remember how to. 

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.
Date 22060117

Day 1:
Rioting has broken out across Utopia city and the Magistrates are stretched to the limits trying to contain it.

The PSI divison claim that there is a strong PSI signal originating beyond the city triggering the riots. I am to lead a team of Mags to locate and disable the signal source.

It pains me to leave my Mag brothers and sisters at such a time of great need but the Chief Magistrate insists the rioting will not stop until this mysterious signal is neutralized. I would normally think this PSI stuff is nonsense but we all feel it. Like a itch you cannot scratch calling to you, making you feel tense. It is all very weird.

The first heros of our tale. The Utopia City Magistrates. Figures from Mongoose 2000AD range. 

Magistrates Warren, Black and myself are to accompany PSI Mag Monk in a shuttle. We leave in a hour to head out into the cursed wastelands of this world. Mag Warren is from the Science divison. Hopefully his knowledge will guide us and help keep us alive. Magistrate Black like myself is a old street Mag. Our combined skills and experience should I hope prove successful.

May the Matt Black God watch over us and make our quest successful. 

Thanks for reading. Stay safe out there. 

Friday, 7 July 2017

Wasteland Wondering - moving forward.

Hello and welcome back to another Wasteland Wondering.

So after the Photobucket ransom demands debacle I decided that either copying html codes from images I will upload to blogger or to use to post images to forums. Thank you for your suggestions for alternative sites and ways to get around the problem. 

As I had downloaded 4000 images of hobby related stuff from Photobucket  (a few lost in time now as various computers died, so it is good to have them back) it is highly unlikely I will get to fix all my older blog and forum posts. It would simply take too long and in some cases the context of the picture can be lost. As for Photobucket, they can take a run and jump. Strangely the 3gb of images photobucket claim I had seems to be just over 500mb on my computer. 

Some of you have asked about maps of Mattblackgod's world. So here you go.

This map is for 28mm stuff. My 15mm figures are in a new setting and the world map will grow with time. Drop City has a local map but it is WIP. It will follow....One day....promise....honest. 

Now speaking of maps this leads me cleanly to the next hobby direction of Mattblackgod's world located here: 

The planet's captial city.....Matt Black City. A huge ruined mega city hundreds of miles across located in a highly contaminated wasteland known as a Hellzone. Nothing but highly mutated creatures can survive here. But things are changing. Keep watching this blog for the background and minis. I have drafted a few fluff posts and finished some new figures to support this background. There may even be a map. 

One of the things you run into (and away from) in the wastelands of Mattblackgod's world is Trogs. Basically they are my favourite 40K aliens, the Orks written into my world. They where my first army back in the dawning days of 40K and I have never been able to get rid of them. Recently I have been working on more Trogz/Orks and having a lot of fun, in between periods of extreme feline interference from my furry freinds. This seems to be going in two directions. One I am hunting mainly classic RT era Orks to expand the army I have. Two I am creating Gorkamorka style gangs and wasteland characters from more recent Ork models. So expect a few pictures of Orks in the coming weeks. Maybe I should do a blog post series called Funwithorks!

That is all for now. Thanks for reading, take care out there!

Friday, 30 June 2017

Photobucket! Grrrrr!

You may notice that a few threads on here have now got some crappy Photobucket icons instead of pictures. Apparently we can longer share our photos unless we each pay a large some sum of loot. $399 a year!! Not only does it mess up this blog but the post apoc wargames forum posts. 

Photobucket can go f**K themselves with a thunderstick. Twice. 

Thankfully google allows pictures to be uploaded. Can anyone recommend a photo sharing site we can post img codes from?  Sadly zeta boards which hosts the post apoc wargames forums doesn't let us upload our own pictures.


Sunday, 25 June 2017

New Trog additions.

Hello and welcome back to my blog. For a change there is actually some miniature related content.

Somewhere in the mists of time I picked up a handful of old 40K RT era metal Orks to bolster my Ork Army from back in the day. Finally I got some paint slapped on them ready to join their mobs in my army.

I chose to go with the traditional green skin. The rest of my forces are a mix of human flesh colours. I get around this by claiming what ever the Trogs are exposed to during spawning can effect skin colour. MBW is heavily contaminated and it gives me a good excuse for Trogs of many colours.

This trio are to join the second Boss Mob of the Mattblack Trog. Note the black war paint and the unit markers on the bases. The Mattblack Clan are a new Trog/Ork clan unique to Mattblackgod's world.

This pair are to join the Evil Moons mob of the Bad Moon Clan.

I had a lot of fun painting these guys and I am resisting the temptation to strip my entire Ork Force to repaint them.

In the to paint pile is a Kromlech Afrika Korps Orks which will form a unit from the Blood Axes Clan. My friend Xander donated lots of feral looking Orks mostly painted which will form a band of Snake Bite Clan (Thanks again Dr X). I know the sizes of Ork figures greatly differ from the late 80's and the modern efforts which are nearly twice as big. But that doesn't bother me. Orks aren't supposed to be uniform and the smaller ones could be Yoofs.

Thanks for reading. Take care out there.

Wasteland Wondering - I am still kicking!

Hello and welcome back to another Wasteland Wondering.

Sorry, it has been a while since my last post. It has been a busy few weeks.

There has been a few things going on. My wife's birthday, car shopping, father's day visits, helping at a charity day to raise money for Macmillain and a couple of days in Prague for my birthday.

Prague is a beautiful city and I would recommend anyone to visit.

Sadly I have no hobby related birthday gifts. I haven't even bought myself any (yet). That said I did just buy a new second hand car so I should make that my birthday gift to myself.

Hobby wise things have been moving slowly forward. I got a bunch of old school Rogue Trader 40K Orks finished (post to follow) and I have been working on a couple of Ork conversions. Hopefully I will have some new minatures to show soon. I had forgotten just how much fun Orks are.

I use 40K Orks as Trogs which are Genetically Engineered Life Forms (GELF) used as combat units during the many wars on mattblackgod's world. The nukes didn't wipe them out. These have a similar genetics to the 40K Orks. Why not? They are near impossible to eradicate. Until recently I used them in a similar fashion to Fallout Super Mutants. Trogs are a wasteland menace. In recent years they disappeared from the wastes. Utopia City noticed them migrating to a desolate part of the world. There was fears a Trog Warlord had raised his banner high and called for a "Warrrgghh", which is a call for war. Trog's seem to have some sort of psychic link which draws them all from afar to form up for war. It is possibly a control mechanism the genetic engineer put into them. Sadly they lost control of the Trogs.

These are going to be important for the future of Mattblackgod's world. I have been mixing some idea's from the classic GW Gorkamorka into the MBW background. With all this in mind I have worked out a background to throw all 75, 28mm factions (Gah I never realised I had so many factions) into one (large) area. I was getting tired of all the factions being spread across the planet. Work has started on a map of the area. Expect a few posts about this setting in future.

Forces wise apart from a few traditional Ork army style units who will be mainly the muscle for the Big Boss known as the Matt Black Trog, many of whom are classic 40K Orks I have had since I was a spotty teen. The rest of the forces will be Gorkamorka style gangs each with their own styles, colours and in most cases oddball vehicles. Should be fun.

Rules wise I am looking at Gorkamorka. The nice thing about various 40K titles of that era it is easy to mix and match stuff from various titles. Which should cover most of my collection. If I ever get stuck I can always fall back to the great old Rouge Trader Tome which covers just about everything.

Other things that happened on the hobby front is a load of Dungers with integral rider legs arrived from Ramshackle games. The plan was to add Ork bodies to make riders. However the rider legs and torsos are suited to 28mm humans and not Ork bulks. So I plan a mounted human faction or possibly using 40K Grots/Gretchin.

Thanks for reading. Take care out there.