Sunday, 19 February 2017

More Dark Future cars for my Blood & Fire setting.

I was mooching about Evilbay looking for some Mad Max cars and I stumbled on a auction of Dark Future cars. It was one of those lucky finds that I landed. So my forces of Fire and Blood have some new additions....

More Interceptors seeking fame & fortune in the wastelands.

These cars just need the Interceptor names adding to match the others in my collection. Some new weapons may be added too. 

There was this Hotwheels Interceptor conversion. 

There was a few Renegades in the batch too. 

They all need a little touching up. Some new weapons may be nice too. Not too sure what gangs these vehicles will be added too.

In the auction there was some converted hotwheels cars. 

This one will be added to Civilisation's Police Force. 

There is a couple of gang cars too. 

Not sure what gangs to use these for just yet. 

The lot also had these useful bits. Lots of Dark Future weapons. Some conversion fun will be had soon.

In all a good haul.