Sunday, 5 March 2017

Wasteland Wondering. 15mm fun.

Hello and welcome back. 

I am glad to report that I have finally got some hobby work on this week. The going has been slow as I have numerous interruptions from my two furry hooligans who felt the need to investigate every thing that I was doing. They are not yet 1 year old and are still very inquisitive. Thankfully they have decided that my toys are not interesting enough to play with or eat. 

First up was this 15mm scale MDF ruin I picked up from evilbay. It is designed for WW2 games. I figured that it will look great on my 15mm post apoc setting. 

The kit is well detailed. My only issues are that there is no internal walls and only one set of floor boards for the upper floors. I added some internal walls to break up lines of sight inside the ruin. 

15mm mdf ruins seem to be plentiful out there and amera plastic mouldings make some too. It won't be long until I have a full table for my scavengers to fight over. 

I got some minis painted this week too. Last year I started some 20mm figures to be Interceptor Drivers as part of my Blood and Fire setting. I set too finishing them off. Two of them are old GW Dark Future figures and the other is from Elheim. In addition to this there is four 15mm figures, mainly from Rebel (I think). These are the first additions to my 15mm post apocalyptic setting. 

The figures just need basing now. I plan a 15mm version of Mattblackgod's world but with largely new factions. I need to get my first background finished ("Droptown") and get recruiting from my Wild Galaxy collection. 

This week a new hot tool polystyrene cutter arrived on my door mat. Eager to try it out I quickly attacked a cliff top I made a while back. I have been itching to add a cave entrance to it. 

The cutter works well. Quickly I had a cave mouth. It will need some practice for more complex cuts I think. The lump of polystyrene I removed will become a rocky outcrop on the table. The cutter happily carves high density blue foam too. 

That's all for now. I am happy to be hobbying again. 

Thanks for reading. Take care out there.


  1. The ruin will certainly be very serviceable. Perhaps get some plastics and make some more floors for it.

  2. i like how you expand your universe!! ew