Sunday, 9 July 2017

Matt Black City report 1

Hello and welcome back to my blog. 

I now begin what is a way to display my 28mm factions and get them into action with each other as hinted at in my last Wasteland Wondering post. I have been thinking about this project for a long time. Expect a few more posts over the coming weeks as I have a managed to write up a bunch of journal entries for the Utopia Mags, especially as I have actually got a few figures finished to kick this project off. As this will be a regular series of posts I will try to get a tab page sorted, when I remember how to. 

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.
Date 22060117

Day 1:
Rioting has broken out across Utopia city and the Magistrates are stretched to the limits trying to contain it.

The PSI divison claim that there is a strong PSI signal originating beyond the city triggering the riots. I am to lead a team of Mags to locate and disable the signal source.

It pains me to leave my Mag brothers and sisters at such a time of great need but the Chief Magistrate insists the rioting will not stop until this mysterious signal is neutralized. I would normally think this PSI stuff is nonsense but we all feel it. Like a itch you cannot scratch calling to you, making you feel tense. It is all very weird.

The first heros of our tale. The Utopia City Magistrates. Figures from Mongoose 2000AD range. 

Magistrates Warren, Black and myself are to accompany PSI Mag Monk in a shuttle. We leave in a hour to head out into the cursed wastelands of this world. Mag Warren is from the Science divison. Hopefully his knowledge will guide us and help keep us alive. Magistrate Black like myself is a old street Mag. Our combined skills and experience should I hope prove successful.

May the Matt Black God watch over us and make our quest successful. 

Thanks for reading. Stay safe out there. 

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