Sunday, 9 July 2017

Matt Black City Report 2

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.
Date 23060117

Day 2:

We have flown for many hours and covered over 11,000 miles with Magistrate Monk acting as a living compass. The weird feeling we all have has been getting stronger making us all on edge. We have burned nearly half our fuel. I have a bad feeling that this will be a one way trip. We will deal with that when the time comes. Our first priority is to the mission and the safety of Utopia city.

Mag Monk thinks the source of the PSI signal is close. We have landed to rest up. The constant concentration drains the PSI Mags leaving them exhausted.

There is another reason to rest besides nightfall and exhaustion. In another 100 miles we will cross the mountains that circle the Matt Black Hellzone. A place so contaminated that very little can survive for long. I hope the shuttle's NBC filters can cope. We will "suit up" just in case.

After the mountains lies 200 to 300 miles of contaminated hell which leads us to the ruins of Matt Black City, our planet's capitol. The city was 200 miles across. That is over twice the size of Utopia today! I have seen pictures of the once beautiful city in its grandeur in historic holo vids. A mega city like no other. The wars and the orbital bombardment turned the city into ruins. Only strange twisted creatures live there now. If any human life survived it would be in vaults and bunkers. But after over 100 years what are the chances they will still be alive?

One thing to note on today's long flight is there appeared to be several large groups moving in the same direction as us. No doubt they feel the draw of the PSI signal too. Mag Monk claims it is calling everyone. Drawing them toward the cursed place beyond the mountains. I wonder if the whole planet is heading here?

I have reported our position and findings back to Utopia's Halls of Justice (HOJ).

I must rest for now for tomorrow's challenges.

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