Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Matt Black City Report 10 - power

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.
Date 31070117 - power

Last night a late night chat gave me some food for thought.

After studying the basic layout of this type of block Magistrate Warren thinks that the salvaged fuel cells may be able to start up the block's Plasma Reactor. The problem is it is located 100 floors below us. Then there is the issue of the reactor being in a fit state to provide power. However power, heating and lights would greatly improve our chances of survival not to mention comfort.

At dawn Mags Black and Warren took the fuel cells, tools, flashlights and a few good lengths of electrical cable stripped from the walls. After a few short goodbyes they headed into the inky darkness of the stair cases.

Monk and I waited for over two hours at the comms unit before they contacted us. The block as we suspected looks pretty deserted and abandoned. The reactor is located in a sub basement four levels below street level. It took them a good while to find it.

Another hour passed and we got the signal to man the block's control room on the top floor. We both rushed to man the stations. Black's voice came through on the comms to hit the reactor start button (a big red button with Start on it!).
The block shook and vibrated. The lights flashed on then off again. They settled into a pattern of flickers. Thick dust fell from fixtures and fittings. For a few sick moments we could not hail Black or Warren. Then to our great relief they called in ok.

There was power indication on the boards. Only at 34%, but enough for our needs. When I think that this block housed over 154,000 people the power will be ample for us. It will be enough to run emergancy lighting, door power, basic life support and to the relief of Black and Warren to run the grav lifts.

Within the hour the heros of the day where back on the top floor. Tonight we will celebrate as best we can.